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COVID-19 Current changes to services and how we deliver them.

At Stepping Forward Therapy Services we take the health & safety of all our patients very seriously. In lieu of recent events regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are taking additional hygiene measures to limit risk to patients and staff.

This includes:

  • increasing the frequency of disinfecting common areas within the clinic,
  • limiting time in the waiting room
  • staggering appointments to limit exposure with other patients,
  • temporary removal of toys and equipment that is not easily sanitised, and
  • rescheduling of appointments in 14 days should a child or family member present unwell.
  • Our physios will offer phone support to existing patients and their families should they be unable to attend the clinic. (Fees may apply.)
  • All community visits, group programs and aquatic physiotherapy is cancelled until further notice.


What you can do, to minimise your risk and the risk to other patients:

  1. Do not attend the clinic if you or your child are unwell. Regardless if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and/or flu symptoms, your child would have reduced immunity, and it is better for them to be home resting. Please call the clinic to reschedule.
  2. Please reschedule your appointment if you have travelled overseas, been in close contact with someone that has travelled overseas, or been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. This is in line with the most recent recommendations provided by Department of Health and Human Services.
  3. When attending your appointment, we are limiting family members to 1 parent/carer per child. We request that siblings and other family members do not come into the clinic. If this is not possible, please reschedule your appointment.
  4. We are trying to minimise your time in the waiting area, so we will be ensuring that your appointment starts and finishes on time. Should you arrive for your appointment early, we recommend you wait outside or in your car.


We thank you for your understanding and commitment to ensuring a safe clinic environment for our patients & staff. Over the coming weeks we will continue to monitor the situation closely and act quickly on the advice of health authorities. We appreciate your patience and your support as a client.

If you’re unsure, we ask that you return home and call the clinic to reschedule your appointment.

Ph: 03 9899 4004.


Stepping Forward Therapy Services are following the guidelines provided by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services. Further information regarding COVID-19 can be found here:

Updated: 17/03/2020

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