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Do I need to plan for my planning meeting?

Here at Stepping Forward, we are hearing from parents that the NDIS pathway to accessing funding for services can be tricky to navigate.

After you have put through an application for the NDIS, you will be advised that the next step is  your planning meeting.

During this meeting, your Planner will discuss your child’s and your family’s needs and current supports, and what supports you are requesting. This may apply for the next 12 months.

Our physiotherapists at Stepping Forward have often heard parents ask: “Do I need to plan for my planning meeting?”

The answer is yes!!

You are more likely to receive funding for services that meet your family and your child’s needs if you are able to specifically discuss what those needs are.

What do we mean?

To get ready for your planning meeting, here are some questions you should think about. This list isn’t exhaustive, and is more relevant for children who require additional physical needs.

Where are we now?

What does your child’s week look like, what does your family’s week look like? What works? What doesn’t work? Where do you need support?

What (paid) support are we currently using?

This may include therapy, care and/or assisted technology. You may feel that you are getting enough, or need more. You may be asked why do you need more? It is helpful to talk to your therapists, as they can provide you with written support.

What goals do you have in mind for the next 12 months?

Sometimes it helps to think about what your goals may be for the next few years. This can give your 12 month goal some perspective. Your goals should be functional, and age appropriate. Your therapist may be able to assist you in understanding your child’s developmental pathway. This can help you form acheivable goals.

What equipment will I need to help my child achieve their goals?

Consider the equipment you currently have. Will it still fit in 12 months? Will it meet my child’s needs in 12 months? Consider mobility (wheelchairs, walkers, orthotics), postures for function (special floor/table seating, standing frames), therapy (physio balls, rolls, therapy specific equipment), bathing and toileting ( commodes, shower chairs, bathing aides), hoists, communication aids, and other assistive technology that would help your child participate in activities which are reasonable and necessary for their age.

How will I manage my plan once I get it?

Currently, NDIS allow families to access their funding 3 ways. 1) Through the National Disability Insurance Agency (or the NDIS portal); 2) self-managed; or 3) through a financial intermediary. Each method of access has it’s pros and cons, and it’s important to think about what suits your situation. See the NDIS guide:


Hopefully this information has been helpful in getting ready for your plan. For more information, you can visit for information for Families and Carers, or for information on how to become a participant.

If you would like to find out more about how accessing our services under NDIS, please contact us on 9899 4004.

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