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Educating Others: A school presentation about cerebral palsy and special needs.

At Stepping Forward we do much more than just hands-on physiotherapy.

One of the students that we worked with in 2014 was in grade three and has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  At the student’s request, and facilitated by his parents and the school, one of our physiotherapists did a presentation to the whole year level teaching the students and their teachers about cerebral palsy and what it means to have special needs.

This gave the students the opportunity to learn more about their friend’s condition and how it affects him, what might change such as having surgery and how his friends and teachers can be helpful. The students were engaged and asked very sensitive and appropriate questions, like “do you grow out of it?” and “does it hurt?”.

Our physiotherapist finished by demonstrating some of the exercises included in the student’s program, and friends wanted to join in and try the exercises themselves. Overall it was a great success!

Please contact us, if this service is something you would like to find out more about.

Note: Education sessions such as these assist the student in feeling included, provide a sense of belonging, and gives them the opportunity to share their story. The benefits to the school go beyond education and awareness, but encourages empathy and compassion and broadens their perspective. Sometimes students with special needs need to learn in a different way, and this can benefit the whole class. And sometimes, a greater understanding, can lead to new friendships.
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