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For Schools and Community

Stepping Forward Therapy Services provides services to schools and homes under our Headway Program.  This program provides services for children with more complex needs, and recognises that more than one therapist may be involved in helping a child work towards goals and meeting their potential.

For a students with a neuromuscular condition such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophies, and Spina Bifida, their school is likely to require additional support to give the student opportunities to participate and learn with their peers. That may come in the form of Integration Aides, visiting teachers, visiting therapists, building modifications and or equipment.

Our Therapists  not only provide hands on therapy for the student, but also assist in the training and education of that child’s other supports, the assessment and prescription of equipment and collaboration with the students other health professionals to work towards that students goals.

Our Therapists are experienced with The Department of Education’s Program for Students with Disabilities, Educational Needs Questionnaire (ENQ) and accessing funding through the StateWide Equipment Program (SWEP). We can also provide assessments and reports to support the school’s  application for funding assistance.

If you would like to discuss how Stepping Forward can provide services for students with a disability, please contact us.

How do we assess for funding?

How we can assist your school with supporting a child with cerebral palsy


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