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For Medical and Allied Health Professionals

Stepping Forward Therapy Services accepts referrals from a variety of sources for a wide range of conditions.

A paediatric physiotherapy referral is relevant for conditions which are:

  • musculoskeletal conditions that impact development and gross motor skills. This includes sports and spinal injuries that are not responding to adult based programs, and also infantile conditions such as plagiocephaly and torticollis.
  • neurodevelopmental conditions that impact gross motor, fine motor and cognitive development. This includes diagnosed conditions which cause functional impairment and limit access and participation. Our physiotherapists are experienced in the field of complex disability.
  • specialised equipment needs for children with complex postural and/or mobility requirements.

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Services we provide:

  • In clinic sessions. In treatment rooms that are versatile for any age group 0-18years.
  • In the community. In homes and schools providing functional therapy to facilitate access, mobility, inclusion and participation.
  • Hydrotherapy/Aquatic Physiotherapy. At Box Hill Aqualink.
  • Assessment, prescription and applications for equipment funding.
  • Assessment and reporting as requested.
  • Baby Groups. 

 For referrals to our Physiotherapy Programs download our Group Referral Form

Frameworks we work with:

  • We are experienced with the Chronic Disease Management Plan framework, and work collaboratively with General Practioners to achieve outcomes in infants and children with conditions which persist for 6+ months. For the relevant referral resource, click here. 
  • Stepping Forward Therapy Services has been delivering therapy support under the NDIS framework since 2017, when the Scheme rolled out in our area. We work closely with the other supports for each participant (child) and their families, and are in regular communication with Local Area Co-ordinators. Stepping Forward Therapists are Registered NDIS providers, and provide therapy support under Agency Managed, Self Managed and Financial Intermediaries. We provide ongoing therapy support in clinic or in home/school/community. If you have a patient who you feel may be eligible, click here.
  • Post-Acute Care. Short-term intensive physiotherapy for children who have undergone surgical procedures. This program is set up and implemented prior to discharge. Should you feel that this is appropriate, please discuss with the Discharge Co-ordinator.

Our physiotherapists are committed to working with families and health professionals towards child-centred and family-centred goals. We encourage regular collaboration and communication and readily engage in joint or team sessions. Our facilities allow these sessions to happen at our clinic, however we are also happy to travel.

If you are unsure if a referral is appropriate, please contact us to discuss.

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