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Our Facilities

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Our Centre in Surrey Hills has large, well equipped treatment rooms. This gives us greater versatility in assessment and treatment options of children of all ages and abilities.

From therapy balls, swings and a trampoline, to balance beams, balls and bubbles. We are sure to have the right environment to motivate play, to encourage skill and strength acquisition, and facilitate efficient and functional movement patterns. We aim to facilitate your child in optimising the gross motor abilities that enable them to continue their journey of learning through play.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists also provides community based services and can come visit your child at home, childcare, kindergarten or at school. Armed with toys and rehabilitative equipment, your physiotherapist can provide treatment more conveniently for your family. This also gives us the opportunity to train aides and carers in continuing with a regular therapy based program, and to appropriately assess and manage adaptive equipment.
We are currently providing services to Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne. These services may be third party funded through programs such as Better Start and NDIS or with bodies such as the Department of Education and Training and Post Intervention Therapy.

Call us on 9899 4004 to find out more about our services, or book an appointment at either of our locations.

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