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Baby lying on tummy

When should my baby roll?

Your baby may be able to flip from their tummy to their back from as early as 3 months of age. They may learn to be more purposeful with this movement when they reach 4-5 months. It may take longer for them to be able to roll onto their tummy from lying on their backs because this requires greater core strength and coordination of movement. It may be until they reach 5-6 months old, that they become independent with rolling both ways.


How do I help my baby roll?

Tummy time at the early stages of life is essential to helping your baby develop the strength that they need for rolling. This position allows your baby to build up strength in their neck, shoulders, core and arms, which is required for the roll. When your baby gets older, they eventually learn to engage and interact with their surrounding environment for example an intriguing toy, or even you. It is good to provide your baby with a set up that will motivate and offer them an incentive to roll.


What do I do if my baby isn’t rolling?

If your baby hasn’t figured out how to roll by 6-7 months of age, do make an appointment to come and see us. We can help to assess why your baby isn’t developing as they should, or if they have other factors that might contribute to this. It is good to note that babies develop at different rates and some may take longer than others to reach specific developmental milestones.

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