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Accessing the NDIS

How do I get connected with the NDIS? Should I make contact with the NDIS or will they contact me instead? What is the next step? 

To be able to access services under the NDIS for your child, here are some of the criteria that need to be met: 

Check availability in your area 

NDIS is rolling out in different stages around Victoria. You are may be eligible for access 6 months prior to NDIS rolling out in your area. For more information, visit 


Your child must meet residency requirements and must be residing in Australia. 

They have to hold an Australian Citizenship OR a Permanent Visa OR a Protected Special Category Visa.  


Your child may meet the disability requirements if they have an impairment or condition that is likely to be with them for life (permanent), and will require support under the NDIS. An example of an NDIS support would be if your child’s condition makes it impossible for them to walk from one end of their school to another, they may then require a wheelchair to help them travel between classes to ensure effective participation in school. NDIS can help with funding for a wheelchair for your child. 

If your child meets the NDIS access requirements, please contact NDIS on 1800 800 110 to request access to services. If your child is currently receiving government funded services, NDIS will make contact with you, depending on if NDIS rolls out in your area.  

At Stepping Forward Therapy Services, we are NDIS ready for the provision of physiotherapy services for your child. We are more than happy to answer any questions related to the NDIS or direct you to the appropriate resources. Call us on 9899 4004 to find out more about getting your child connected with physiotherapy services. 

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